About us:

Budget Petroleum Trading LLC (BP Trading LLC) is lead by a team of professionals having extended track record in the Oil & Gas Industry and other commodities.

BP Trading LLC, being part of ”Budget Group of Companies”, is a young company that has been created after BP President & CEO left his political career and decided to move to the UAE in 2014. BP Trading LLC emerged in response to the global energy challenges encountered in the Free Trade market. This ’second line’ market needs knowledgeable Consultancy and a reference point that serves equitably the interests of both supplier and client, thus smooth transaction. ”The perfect match” can only be achieved by monitoring the needs of both parties and bring tailor-made creative solutions. BP Trading LLC engages in the development of international business ventures using well-designed strategies in order to deliver successfully.

We trade regularly in: Aviation Jet Fuels, Gas Oils 10ppm,500ppm,3000ppm,5000ppm, D6, Mazut M100-75/99 CST180/280/380, LNG, LPG.

We operate under transparent prevailing and with professional approach by way of trading regularly under these procedures hence they are non negotiable and strictly followed throughout our line of business. We work with the trade desk of Exxon, FedEx & United Nation Global Market Place, Crude producers, Fuel refineries. This makes us an international all-round important player in the global market of oil & gas. We have become a reliable source for fuels and crude oil to an international marketplace that is in need of experienced and strongly principled sources and are willing to work hard to produce the results that our sellers expect & buyers deserve. We are continuing to grow significantly by adding new reliable sources of fuels and crude oil, adapting rapidly to market changes. We represent as mandate the fifth world producer of refined petroleum products.

Our management and operational systems address critical aspects of our business including ethics, safety, corporate security, environment performance, operational reliability, business controls, project execution and extremely confidential external affairs. Our company’s business model focuses on commodities trading and improvement in operational systems eliminating operating bottlenecks.

The sizeable capital has been injected into the company by the share holders.

Our Philosophy

The underlying philosophy of BP Trading LLC General Trading in physical commodities is to realize the commercial potential of assets in markets where we have a comprehensive understanding, Our business is first and foremost a people’s business where Consultancy is given by excellence. We do not do business over the internet and like to meet face to face with our counter parties before moving forward in a transaction, unless referred to us and vouched for by one of our existing clients.

Our core values, which serve as the foundation of all of our areas of activity, are:

-Commitment to excellence



-Respect for the Individual

-Team work


We do what we say we will do, we act with conviction and therefore we are worthy of trust. Be relevant today and ready for tomorrow. We have to evolve to best the needs of sellers & buyers. Through professional services, we must stay one step ahead by thinking strategically.

The most important feature of Budget Petroleum is the quality and the character of the men and women who comprise our organization. We are very cognizant of the fact that the successes we enjoy today are a function of those who went before us, but we also believe strongly that a healthy and expanding organization should always have more dreams than memories. We work together, uniting our efforts and knowledge , we rightfully challenge what gets in the way and we focus on doing good business with good people.

A quote from president's mentor:

"People who know how much they're worth aren't usually worth that much." -Nelson Bunker Hunt-